2022 NPBA Local Open Tryouts

Before each season, NPBA teams hold open tryouts, searching for local talent to add to their rosters. Each team can then invite up to five players from its respective tryout to training camp that fall. The tryouts represent the first step in the extensive process of putting together an NPBA roster for the upcoming season. Below is a list of the locations and dates of each NPBA team’s local tryout. Additional dates and locations will be announced in the following weeks:

Team Date Location More Information
Ann Arbor Wild    


Atlanta Venom      
Aurora Hawks      
Charlotte Cyclones      
Detroit Reign      
Fort Wayne Panthers      
Grand Rapids Sparks      
Greensboro Grizzlies      
Indianapolis Kings      
Kalamazoo Photons      
Kenosha Ballers      
Milwaukee Falcons      
Milwaukee Wizards      
Racine Wildcats      
Rockford Warriors      
Orlando Bobcats