Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

> What is National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA)?


The National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA) is a men’s professional basketball league dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to the local communities, our fans and business partners.


NPBA provides basketball players the opportunity to make a living playing the game they love in America with a focus on community and positively impacting lives through school visits and clinics that focus on more than just basketball.

> Who are the players in the National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA)?

  • Players from NCAA Division I. II, III Schools looking to start their professional careers.
  • Players who have played overseas for years and want to stay in the US to play closer to home.
  • Former players who want to continue playing and extend their careers by playing in a league in the US.

> What is the salary range of the National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA) players?


The salary range for NPBA players is from $500 -$1,500 per month. Some teams including housing options for out-of-town players. A player's salary is based on their performance during league combines and/or team tryouts. 

> How can I find information about becoming an owner of a team??


Contact us at: : Local individuals or groups can have an opportunity to own a professional sports business. At a relatively low-cost barrier to entry, a proven game plan for success and a return on their investment while positively impacting their region.

> How long is the National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA) season?


The NPBA season starts in October and ends in March with the championship tournament.

> How many teams are in the National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA) and where are they located??


There are going to be 18-24 teams for the 2021-2022 season and they are located in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

> How does a local community benefit from having its own National Professional Basketball Association (NPBA) team???

  • Provides communities with a professional basketball team that gives an affordable/quality family entertainment experience.
  • Offer support and encouragement to local communities through engagement in school and group appearances, youth camps, clinics and non-profit organizations.