About NPBA

The National Professional Basketball Association is the first exclusive development basketball league purely designed for the ultimate fan experience around today’s modern world.


The NPBA is new kind of basketball, one in which our fans come first, players and coaches are accessible and pricing is affordable. With unique league rules, our domestic and international players can be followed enthusiastically from anywhere in the world, all from online broadcasting.


In addition, these very same basketball players and coaches around the league are known for their community programs and support. With a strong and experienced league ownership group, the PBL seeks well-funded partners and teams from proven top-caliber organizations.


The NPBA has a proven track record of attracting and sustaining only the best performing talent to deliver unsurpassed excitement for both the ultimate fan value and family experience.


Unique Opportunity: We are currently in the process of reviewing numerous cities and the demographics of these cities as the NPBA approaches its 8th season with a new regional approach aimed at keeping travel, one of your franchise’s biggest expense, low and cost effective .


Desired Team Markets: Prospective teams will be located in small to medium size markets. Markets that do not have access to other professional basketball teams, allowing those markets to capture the basketball fans without having to compete with an already existing basketball presence. This small market concept also allows teams and players the ability to become fully involved in their respective communities and recognized as a reputable and fan friendly organization.